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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Peryhan, and this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words. Today’s topic is At the Office. So let’s begin.
(eǧtemāʿ) "meeting"
And for example you can say
عندنا اجتماع كل يوم أربع الصبح.
(ʿandenā eǧtemāʿ kul yūm ʾarbaʿ el-ṣubḥ.)
"We hold a meeting every Wednesday in the morning."
(raʾīs) "boss"
And for example you can say
رئيس الشركة في رحلة عمل في أسبانيا.
(raʾīs el-šerkah fī reḥleh ʿamal fī ʾasbānyā.)
"Our company's boss is on a business trip in Spain."
زميل شغل
(zemīl šuġl) "coworker"
And in the dialect we usually say
زميل عمل
(zemīlī fī el-šuġl)
زميلي في الشغل في أجازة شهر العسل.
(zemīlī fī el-šuġl fī ʾaǧāzeh šahr el-ʿasal.)
"My co-worker is on a honeymoon holiday."
(maktab) "office"
And for example you can say
المكتب بعيد عن بيتي بساعتين
(ālmaktab beʿīd ʿan bītī besāʿtīn)
and that means ”My office is 2 hours away from my home."
(maktab) "desk"
And you can say
دلقت القهوة على المكتب.
(dalaʾt el-ʾahwah ʿalā el-maktab.)
"I spilt my coffee on the desk."
And that’s it for today! I hope you like the lesson. Why don’t you tell us below about the keywords you use in your office in Arabic? And don't forget to subscribe and check out the website. Bye-bye!