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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Peryhan and this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words, so let’s get started. Today’s topic is about In the Classroom.
(mudarres) "teacher"
and for example you can say
تعرفو إن المدرسين بيروحو المدرسة حتى في الأجازة؟
(teʿrafū ʾen el-mudarresīn beyrūḥū el-madrasah ḥattā fī el-ʾaǧāzah?)
And that in English means “Did you know that teachers go to school even on holidays?"
(ʾemteḥān) "exam“ or “test”
and then the dialect is
and this one should be easy because
الطلبه عمرهم مابيحبو الإمتحانات.
(ālṭalabah ʿumruhum mābeyḥebbū el-ʾemteḥānāt.)
"Students never like exams."
(ḥeṣṣah) "class"
so for example you can say
الأطفال في إبتدائي بياخدو خمس حصص في اليوم.
(ālʾaṭfāl fī ʾebtedāʾī beyāḫdū ḫamas ḥeṣaṣ fī el-yuūm.)
and that is ”Children in elementary schools take 5 classes a day."
(daftar) "notebook"
and then the dialect is
And so for example you can say
من الأفضل إنو يكون عندك كشكول منفصل لكل مادة.
(men el-ʾafḍal ʾennū ykūn ʿandak kaškūl munfaṣel lekul māddah.)
and that means in English ”It's better if you have a separate notebook for each subject."
(sabbūrah) "blackboard"
And for example you can say
إنقل بسرعة إللي عالسبورة قبل ما يتمسح.
(ʾenʾel besurʿah ʾellī ʿālsabbūrah ʾabl mā yetmeseḥ.)
"Please write down what's on the blackboard before it gets erased."
And that's it for today! How about your classroom? Why don't you describe it below in the comments, and don't forget to subscribe. Bye!

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