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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Peryhan and this is the Egyptian Arabic weekly words.
So I am going to start right now with our theme that is الهوايات (alhwayat) The hobbies.
صيد السم ك
(ṣayd el-samak) To fish.
My father goes fishing every Friday
بابا بيروح يصطاد كل جمعة.
(bābā beyrūḥ yeṣṭād kul ǧumʿah.)
تصفح الإنترن ت
(taṣaffuḥ el-ʾentarnet) To surf the internet.
تصفح الإنترنت لوقت طويل بيتعب العين.
(taṣaffuḥ el-ʾentarnet lewaqt ṭaūīl byetʿeb el-ʿīn.)
Surfing the internet for a long time exhausts the eye.
So [taṣaffuḥ el-ʾentarnet lewaqt ṭaūīl byetʿeb el-ʿīn.]
Is that easy?
جمع طوابع البري د
(ǧamʿ ṭawaābeʿ elbarīd) To collect stamps
Nobody is collecting stamps anymore but let’s see.
I used to collect stamps when I was young
أنا كنت بجمع طوابع البريد وأنا صغيرة.
(anā kunt baǧmaʿ ṭawābeʿ el-barīd ūʾanā ṣuġayyarah.)
Okay it’s kind of a lie but it doesn’t matter.
(ālraqṣ) To dance,
to dance
الكل لازم يرقص في الأفراح المصرية.
(ālkul lāzem yerquṣ feī el-ʾafrāḥ)
Everyone must dance in a Egyptian wedding.
which is quite painful for someone who doesn’t like to, that is me.
فن الخ ط
(fan el-ḫaṭ) Calligraphy
فن الخط العربي جميل جداً.
(fan el-ḫaṭ el-ʿarabī ǧamīl ǧeddan.)
The Arabic calligraphy is very beautiful. It is indeed, please Google it, you are going to be fascinated.
So that’s it, the end. I hope you liked this video, thank you for watching this. Please check out the site and subscribe, bye bye.


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