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Lesson Transcript

Ahlan bikom, ana Carole! Welcome to Arabicpod101.com’s Abjadiyyah Made Easy!
The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn the Arabic alphabet: the Abjadiyyah!
In the last lesson, we learned two letters that look alike: ص and ض. Have you been practicing? In this lesson we'll learn 2 more new letters that also look alike. These 2 letters sound like letters we’ve already learned, but they are stronger and heavier versions of them. Ready to learn? Then let’s go!
The first letter we have in this lesson is ط
This one sounds like the strong version of the letter ت we learned in the second lesson of this series. It kind of sounds like the T in the name “Tall”. When you pronounce it, try to constrict your throat like you did with ص. Let’s practice it together so that you can see the difference. Repeat after me.
Let’s write the isolated form:
Here are the other forms of ط:
Initial: ( طَبل )
Medial: ( مَطَر )
and Final: ( هَبَط )
Now, let’s write the other forms.
The next letter we’ll learn is ظ. This one is like the strong version of the ذ. It looks just like the ط, except that it has a dot on top. Let’s practice this one together as well. Repeat after me:
Now let’s write it down:
Now let’s see the other forms of ظ:
Initial: ( ظِل )
Medial: ( مظلَة )
and Final: ( فَظ )
Handwriting time!
Okay, now, let’s learn some words using the letters that we’ve learned.
Let’s start with the word طُب (tub) This means “medicine.”
ط is in the initial form with a "something" on top, then we have the ب in the final form.
Let’s learn how to write it:
Our second word is حَظ (hath) which means “luck”. But you don’t need luck to form this word. It’s easy! It’s just a ح in the initial form with a fatha on top, connected to ظ in the final form.
Let’s write it down:
Now it's time for Carole’s Tips.
Unlike the letters we’ve learned before, all the forms of ط and ظ look very similar. But remember, not all the Arabic letters are like this. It is important to memorize all of the forms of the letters and not just their isolated forms. Practice by reading some Arabic text on the internet, in magazines or even on the packaging of Arabic products.
Next time, we'll learn 2 more letters that look alike, but have no counterparts in the English language. One of them is the first letter in the word “arabiyya”, which means “Arabic”! We’ll learn this and more in the next Abjadiyyah Made Easy Lesson. Take care! Salam!