Lesson Transcript

Ahlan bikom, ana Carole! Welcome to Arabicpod101.com’s Abjadiyyah Made Easy!
The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn the Arabic alphabet: the Abjadiyyah!
Congratulations! We’re done with the hardest letters in the Arabic language, so you can expect the next lessons to be much easier.
But first, we’ll have a review!
In the past 4 lessons, you learned several letters with sounds that you have never heard or pronounced before.
Do you remember the letters we learned in lesson 7?
They were س and ش.
Both of them are very easy to pronounce.
First we have س
The isolated form: س
And the other 3 forms:
Initial: سَد
Medial: نِسر
Final: دَرس
Now let’s review ش:
Isolated: ش
Initial: شاب
Medial: بَشَر
Final: عَرش
That’s it for lesson 7! Now, on to lesson 8’s letters!
In lesson 8 we learned ص and ض.
Here’s the ص
Isolated: ص
Initial: صُبح
Medial: عَصر
Final: خاص
And then the ض
Isolated: ض
Initial: ضَحِك
Medial: غَضَب
Final: مَرَض
Next, let’s review lesson 9:
We learned ط and ظ
First we have the ط:
Isolated: ط
Initial: طََبخ
Medial: مَطَر
Final: رَبَطَ
Now here’s the ظ:
Isolated: ظ
Initial: ظُلم
Medial: نَظَر
Final: فَظ
And now, here are the letters we learned last lesson:
ع and غ
First let’s review ع:
Isolated: ع
Initial: عَن
Medial: بَعد
Final: مَع
Finally, let’s see غ one more time:
Isolated: غ
Initial: غَدر
Medial: شَغَب
Final: رَسغ
That’s it for these lessons! Did you remember most of them? Keep practicing, and you’ll get better!
Now it’s time to learn another vowelling sign.
In the previous review lesson, we learned the fatha, damma, and kasra. In this lesson, we will learn the “shadda”. Unlike in English, to repeat the same sound twice in Arabic, you don’t use the same letter twice in a row. Instead you use the shadda symbol.
So, if you see a symbol that looks like a “3” on it’s side on top of a letter, then it means that, that letter is to be pronounced twice.
The shadda could also be used in combination with the fatha, damma and kasra.
First, here’s how the fatha-shadda combination looks like when used with ب :
And here’s the damma-shadda combination:
Finally, here’s the kasra-shadda combination:
Take note that the kasra is put below the shadda and not the letter like when it is used on its own.
Also, make sure that you don’t confuse it with the fatha-shadda combination wherein the fatha is on top of the shadda.
Now let’s learn how to write and pronounce some new words that use shadda!
بَرّاد , refrigerator, بَرّاد
حَبَّار , cuttlefish, حَبَّار
صَبَّار, cactus, صَبَّار
سَتَّار , curtain, سَتَّار
عَطَّار, spice dealer, عَطَّار
Now it’s time for Carole’s tips!
Keep writing the words and letters we’ve learned so far so you don’t forget them. Also, try combining random letters and pronouncing them! It doesn’t have to make sense in Arabic, but remember to use the correct form of the letter whether it’s in the isolated, initial, medial or final form. Add in some vowelling signs for even more challenge!
That’s it for this lesson! You’ve done a great job getting this far! Next time, we’ll be back to learning 2 new letters. I’ll be waiting for you in the next Abjadiyyah Made Easy lesson. See you then! Salam!