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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Peryhan and this is Arabic top words. Today, we are going to talk about Ten Foods That Will Kill You Faster. Let’s get started.
(el-šībsī) “Potato chips”
بحب آكل سندوتشات جبنة مع الشيبسي أوي.
(baḥeb ʾākol sandawetšāt ǧebnah maʿ el-šībsī ʾawī.)
“I like to eat potato chips with cheese sandwiches.”
In Egypt, the traditional cheese is very plain. It’s white, plain and unsalted. So when you eat
(el-šībsī), when you eat potato chips with that, it gives it a flavor. If you are eating Kebab-flavored potato chips with, like, cheese sandwiches, it gives it the flavor as if you are eating Kebab.
السمنة المهدرجة
(el-samnah el-mohadragah) “Margarine” or just in Egyptian Arabic, you can say “magarine”.
For example,
أنا عمري ما بشتري سمنة نباتية.
(ʾanā ʿomrī mā bašterī samnah nabāteyyah.) “I never buy Margarine.”
(el-ṣūdā) “Soda” which means “Soda”
For example,
هو بيشرب صودا كتير.
(howwa byešrab ṣūdā ktīr.) “He drinks a lot of soda.”
فشار الميكروويف
(fešār el-maykrūwīf) “Microwave Popcorn”
مس بحب فشار الميكروويف
(meš baḥebb fešār el-maykrūwīf) “I don’t like microwave popcorn.”
And actually, in Egypt, most households don’t have microwaves. So we just make popcorn by putting the seeds in hot oil and wait for them to pop. It’s so nice to see them pop-pop.
اللحوم المصنعة
(el-loḥūm el-moṣannaʿah) “Processed meat”
And in Egypt, we usually use the word “luncheon” to refer to such processed meat.
اللحوم المصنعة بتجيب أمراض كتير
(el-loḥūm el-moṣannaʿah betgīb ‘amrād ketīr.) “Processed meat causes lots of illnesses.”
It's true.
(el-maʾleyyāt) “Fried Food”
For example,
‘أكلت مقليات
(‘akalt maʾleyyāt ktīr 'alā el-'ašā) “During dinner, I ate lots of fried food.”
مشروبات الطاقة (mašrūbāt el-ṭāqah) “Energy drinks”
For example,
مينفعش الأطفال يشربوا مشروبات الطاقة.
(mayenfa’š el-’aṭfāl yešrabū mašrūbāt el-ṭāqah.)
“Kids should not drink energy drinks.”
(el-nūdelz) “Instant Noodles”
And in Egypt just like how we use the word Nescafe to refer to instant coffee, we use the word “indomi” to refer to instant noodles. It’s a very famous noodles brand in Egypt.
الوجبات السريعة
(‘omar beyḥebb el-nūdelz.) “Omar likes instant noodles.”
الوجبات السريعة
(el-wagabāt el-sarīʿah) “Fast food”
Or in Egypt, you can also use “Fast Food.”
الوجبات السريعة
(el-wagabāt el-sarīʿah ba’et montašerah ‘awī.)
“Fast food is becoming very popular.”
(el-moʿallabāt) “Canned food”
For example,
التونة من أشهر المعلبات.
(eltūnah men ʾašhar el-moʿallabāt.) “Tuna is one of the most famous canned food.”
That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the video. Why don’t you tell us in the comments below about your favorite guilty pleasure food? Bye-bye.