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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Peryhan and this is Arabic top words. Today’s topic is going to be about 5 Most Popular Sports. So let’s get started.
كورة القدم
(koūreẗ el-qadam) "soccer"
The first one is,
كورة القدم
(koūreẗ el-qadam) or "soccer" or “football”
In Egypt, in the dialect, we usually just say
(kūrah), which means “a ball” but we usually refer to that to football or soccer.
For example, you can say,
رياضتي المفضلة هي كورة القدم
(reyāḍtī el-mofaḍḍalah heyya kūreẗ el-qadam) or
رياضتي المفضلة هي كورة
(reyāḍtī el-mofaḍḍalah heyya kūrah), which means "My favorite sport is soccer."
So, the two most famous Egyptian soccer teams are Zamalek and Al Ahly. Al Ahly is usually in red, presented in red; and Zamalek is usually presented in white, and they are always fighting and there is so much tension and passion going around between these two groups. If you ever go to Egypt and happen to buy a pocket tissue, you will almost always find it with the symbol of either Al Ahly or Zamalek. So make sure to buy your favorite team’s tissue.
كورة السلة
(koūreẗ el-sallah) "basketball"
The next one is,
كورة السلة
(koūreẗ el-sallah) "basketball"
For example, you can say,
كنت بلعب كورة سلة و أنا صغيرة.
(kont balʿab kūreẗ sallah we ʾanā ṣoġayyarah.) "I used to play baseball when I was young."
So for the Egyptian basketball teams, you can also find your own version of Ahly and Zamalek kind of teams for basketball, not football.
كورة اليد
(koūreẗ el-yadd) "handball"
The next one is,
كورة اليد
(koūreẗ el-yadd) "handball"
For example, you can say,
فريق كورة اليد ليه تصنيف عالمي.
(farīʾ koūreẗ el-yadd līh taṣnīf ʿālamī.) "The handball team has a world ranking."
In the last handball tournament in Egypt, Zamalek team has won the first place beating all of his other opponents.
(el-kārāteīh) "karate"
The next one is,
(el-kārāteīh) "karate"
For example, you can say,
الولاد لازم يتمرنوا كاراتيه.
(el-welād lāzem yetmarranū kārāteīh.) "The boys should practice Karate."
Or you can say,
الولاد لازم يلعبوا كاراتيه.
(el-welād lāzem yelʿabūā kārātīh.) “The boys should play karate.”
Usually in the Egyptian dialect, it’s more familiar or it’s more natural to use the word yel’ ab instead of the word yetmarran which means practice. The word
(yel’ ab) means “play” but usually it’s more natural when you use both. For example, you can say,
بحب ألعب كورة.
(baḥeb ʾalʿab kūrah.) “I like to play soccer.”
بحب ألعب كورة اليد.
(baḥeb ʾalʿab kūret el-yad.) “I like to play handball.”
More than saying, I like to practice. The Egyptian karate team is usually on top of the regional African karate tournaments. However, in 2017, it was beaten by the Tunisian team and the Tunisian came on top but right after, there’s always the Egyptian team for karate.
(el-sebāḥah) "swimming"
The next sport is my personal favorite sport. It is (sebāḥah) "swimming"
For example, you can say,
تمرين السباحة الساعة 7.
(tamrīn el-sebāḥah el-sāʿah 7.) "The swimming class is at 7 o'clock."
Yeah. Egypt has two seas, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red sea. So everyone who lives along these seas usually is a very, very good swimmer. Egyptian people go by the Islamic saying that is to teach their children swimming or horse-riding or archery. And since horse-riding and archery are kind of difficult to achieve or maintain in the Egyptian society, therefore most of the children go swimming in schools or know how to swim, go to the beach every year and so on. Since it’s also very, very hot. So it also is nice to go to the beach and cool down a little bit. So most likely almost all of the young people will be taking lesson classes or at least know how to swim.
Thank you so much for watching. Why don’t you tell me in the comments below about your own favorite team or favorite sports and if you like Zamalek more or Ahly more. I will see you all later. Bye-bye!