Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. My name is Peryhan and this is Arabic Top Words. Today’s topic is,
10 Ways to Motivate Yourself When Learning Arabic or basically any language.
So let’s get started.
أتخيل أني في يوم من الأيام هزور مصر أو أعيش فيها.
(ʾataḫayyal ʾennī fī yūm men el-ʾayyām hazūr maṣr ʾaw ʾaʿīš fīhā.)
"I imagine that one day I will visit or live in Egypt!"
Egypt is very rich in culture and food and the people are very nice. It’s also very rich in history. So you can use this as a motivation to learn Arabic and try to speak to as many people as possible to motivate yourself into learning Arabic more and maybe you can reward yourself with a short vacation in Egypt or even a life long term staying there.
أدرس الجوانب التانية من الثقافة، و ده هيخلي المذاكرة مجزية أكتر.
(ʾadres el-ǧaūāneb el-tānyah men el-taʾāfah, wa dah haīḫallī el-muzākrah tkūn muǧzeyah ʾaktar.)
"I study other aspects of the culture, which makes it more rewarding to study Arabic."
So if you try to explore the food culture, the music culture or the literature culture, it will make your study not only more interesting but actually it will make it very easy for you to communicate with your Egyptian friends because you are going to build a common background or a common biz, you can open or discuss topics with them. So definitely, you should focus on other aspects of the culture. It will motivate you more into your Arabic study.
بحب أدور على الكلمات المضحكة في العربي اللي بتعلمه!
(baḥeb ʾadawwar ʿalā el-kalemāt el-ẓarīfah fī el-ʿarabī ellī batʿallemuh!)
"I like to find funny words in Arabic!"
What kind of funny words in Arabic? Let me think of funny words in Arabic.
My friends, my foreign friends really like this word
(kābūrīā) which means, crabs like sea crabs.
For example, there is a very local song in Egypt. It’s called
قزقز كابوريا
(ʾazʾaz kābūrīā) which means, “To eat a crab.”
We also use the word قزقز (ʾazʾaz) for
قزقز لب
(ʾazʾaz leb) which means, “to eat seeds,” like sunflower seeds. That’s very common in Egypt to eat it as snacks. So,
قزقز كابوريا
(ʾazʾaz kābūrīā)
قزقز لب
(ʾazʾaz leb)
Yeah, that’s a very funny word, I think.
بعمل صداقات مع الناس اللي بيتكلموا عربي.
(batṣāḥeb ʿalī el-nās ellī byetkallemū ʿarabī.)
"I make friends with people who speak Arabic."
If you motivate yourself to learn the language so you can speak with the locals, it will make you feel less isolated and it will make you figure or understand their culture more easily and efficiently if you use the language to communicate with them and ask them directly what to do, what not to do. So definitely, that’s a very important motivation to be able to speak with other – the same language you are learning with native speakers.
بتفرج على فيديوهات يوتيوب لناس نجحوا إنهم يتعلموا عربي.
(batfarraǧ ʿalā fīdīūhāt el-yuūtīūb lenās neǧḥū ʾennuhm yetʿallemū ʿarabī.)
"I watch YouTube videos of other people who have successfully learned Arabic."
Lots of YouTube videos are out there for people who not only speak Arabic fluently but they also compare Arabic to other languages. So if you are a native Spanish speaker or Hebrew speaker, you will find it very funny and very interesting to watch. Very motivational to watch people who speak or learned fluent Arabic comparing your own language to theirs. So you should definitely check out YouTube for more, for people who fluently speak Arabic now.
بتبسط لما استخدم العربي في إني أعمل أوردرات في المطاعم!
(batbeseṭ lammā astaḫdem el-ʿarabī fī ʾennī ʾaʿmel ʾūrdarāt fī el-maṭāʿem!)
"I enjoy speaking Arabic when I order at Egyptian restaurants!"
It’s very encouraging for you and it’s very interesting and delightful for us Arabic speakers to see when a foreigner can order for themselves and they can read the menu and so on. They also can call and make an order by phone.
You should also notice that we use the word order as in the English word بعمل (baʿmel), “to make an order.”
If you really want to use the Arabic word -
بعمل طلب.
(baʿmel ṭalab.) But usually it’s not really used, we use the word “order”. So use the English word within your Arabic sentence. It’s going to make it more natural.
بتفرج على أفلام و برامج عربي و بتبسط بإحساس إني فهمت كلمة أو جملة.
(batfarraǧ ʿalā ʾaflām wa barāmeǧ ʿarabī wa batbeseṭ beʾeḥsās ʾennī fhemt kelmah ʾaw ǧumlah.)
"I watch Arabic movies and TV shows and enjoy when I can understand a word or a sentence."
When you are watching a movie or listening to a song for the very first time and you can catch one phrase or one word you’ve memorized just a while ago, it has a very rewarding feeling. So I always try to watch movies or TV shows or listening to music when you’re trying to learn a language.
ببهر أصحابي المصريين لما أكلمهم عربي.
(babher ʾaṣḥābī el-maṣreyīn lammā ʾakallemhom ʿarabī.)
"I impress my Egyptian friends when I talk to them in Arabic."
Arabic is one of the most difficult languages to speak or learn because of the different variations of dialects. However, when we see a foreigner trying to speak Arabic to us, we are very glad to hear that and we also want to help them to be understood and we always – we are always very impressed to see them. So always be motivated to speak to your Arabic, to your Egyptian or Arabs friends in Arabic whenever you see them. Even one word would be more than enough.
The next one is,
بحقق هدف إني أتعلم لغة جديدة كل 3 سنين.
(baḥaʾʾaʾ hadaf ʾennī ʾatʿallem loġah gedīdah koll 3 senīn.)
"I achieve the target of learning a new language every 3 years."
Wow! I think if you focus on one dialect of Arabic and you watch all of its movies, you learn all of its phrases, it’s very easy to master one dialect of Arabic in three years. So for example, if you choose the Egyptian dialect, you can watch lots of movies, you can watch lots of TV shows, music videos and you will have many Egyptian friends and maybe even in less than three years, you will be fluently speaking Egyptian Arabic.
بفهم المصريين و هما بيتكلموا.
(bafham el-maṣreyīn we hommā beyetkallemū.)
"I understand Egyptians when they speak."
In general, Egyptians speak very fast. So if you get to understand how they are speaking like if you understand several sentences or even the content, that means you’re very, very good and that means you should have even more confidence in your linguistic abilities. So definitely, that would be a very good motivation for you.
That’s it for today. Why don’t you tell us below about your favorite way of motivating yourself to learn a language? Bye-bye!