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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Peryhan and this is Arabic top words. Today’s lesson is going to be about Top 10 Questions You Should Know.
اسمك إيه؟
(esmak ʾeīh?) “What's your name?”
اسمك إيه؟
Can you guess it? It’s “What’s your name?”
If you meet someone and you say,
اسمك إيه؟
(esmak ʾeīh?)
And the guy or the girl will respond with their name and they will say for example,
اسمي بريهان.
(esmī perīhān.) “My name is Peryhan.”
(ʾezzayak?) “How are you?”
After this person will say,
اسمك إيه؟
They will probably say,
Which means, “How are you?”
And you would answer,
أنا كويسة.
(ʾanā kwayyesah.) is for female and
أنا كويس.
(ʾanā kwayyes.) is for male.
And you can also say,
أنا كويسة, الحمد لله.
(ʾanā kwayyesah, el-ḥamdu lellah.)
Which means, “Thank God.”
So you can say,
أنا كويس.
(ʾanā kwayyes.)
When someone asks you,
انت منين؟
(enta meneīn?) “Where are you from?”
The third question someone might ask you is,
انت منين؟
Which means, “Where are you from?”
And here you can say where are you from, your country or your city.
So for example, someone will ask him,
انت منين؟
(enta meneīn?)
And they will answer,
أنا من مصر.
(ʾanā men maṣr.) “I am from Egypt.”
أنا من القاهرة.
(ʾanā men el-qāherah.) “I am from Cairo.”
عيد ميلادك إمتى؟
(ʿīd mīlādak ʾemtā?) “When is your birthday?”
The fourth question someone might ask you is,
عيد ميلادك إمتى؟
“When is your birthday?”
For example, someone will ask me. I am a female.
So they will ask me,
عيد ميلادك إمتى؟
And I will answer,
عيد ميلادي في يونيو.
(ʿīd mīlādī fī yūnyū.)
“My birthday is in June.”
ساكن فين؟
(sāken feīn?) “Where do you live?”
Another question someone might ask you is,
عيد ميلادك إمتى؟
“Where do you live?”
And you might answer specifically your street name or the city where you live.
So for example, you can say,
أنا ساكن في المهندسين.
(ʾanā sāken fī el-muhandesīn.)
“I live in Mohandeseen” which is a district in Egypt, in Cairo.
بتشتغل فين؟
(beteštaġal feīn?) “Where do you work?”
Another question someone will ask you is,
بتشتغل فين؟
“Where do you work?”
And here, you can say your workplace, your company’s name and so on.
So for example, I will say,
بشتغل في شركة أدوية.
(baštaġal fī šerket ʾadweyah.)
“I work for a drug company.”
تليفونك كام؟
(telīfūnak kām?) “What's your phone number?”
Another question is,
تليفونك كام؟
(telīfūnak kām?)
Which means, “What’s your phone number?”
And here you can just say your phone number
(nemretī....) is 123456…
اتعلمت عربي فين؟
(etʿallemt ʿarabī feīn?) “Where did you learn Arabic?”
People might be amazed or probably will be amazed at how good you speak Arabic.
So probably they will ask you,
اتعلمت عربي فين؟
“Where did you learn Arabic?”
And here you should say,
اتعلمت عربي مع أرابيك بود 101 دوت كوم.
( etʿallemt ʿarabī maʿ ArabicPod101.com.)
“I learned Arabic with arabicpod101.com”
Don’t forget it!
بتحب الأكل المصري؟
(betḥebb el-ʾakl el-maṣrī?) “Do you like Egyptian food?”
Probably people will be curious if you like Egyptian food and they will ask you,
بتحب الأكل المصري؟
“Do you like Egyptian food?”
And be honest, Egyptian food is quite delicious.
So you will say,
أيوة, بحب الأكل المصري.
(ʾaywah, baḥeb el-ʾakl el-maṣrī.)
“Yes, I like Egyptian food”
Or maybe you would say,
مش أوي.
(meš ʾawī.) “Not really.”
رحت مصر قبل كدة؟
(roḥt maṣr ʾabl kedah?) “Have you been to Egypt?”
The next question is,
رحت مصر قبل كدة؟
“Have you ever been to Egypt?”
And here you can say,
(aywa) “Yes”
(laʾa) “No”
So that’s it for today. Tell us in the comments below which question do you get asked the most and which question would you like to know or learn and bye-bye.