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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Peryhan and this is, What are Your Top 10 Language Learning Goals for the Year? Yes.
هخلص السيرفايفل فريزيز على موقع ArabicPod101.com بإني أسمع درسين في اليوم.
The first language learning goal is,
(haḫallaṣ el-sīrfāīfal frīzīz ʿalā mawqeʿ ArabicPod101.com beʾennī ʾasmaʿ darseīn fī el-yūm.) "I'll finish Survival Phrases series on ArabicPod101.com by listening to two lessons a day."
You can do it. Just do it. Yesterday is tomorrow. Just do it. Make it three lessons a day. Come on!
حبيبي يللا!
(ḥabībī yallā!)
هخلص قراية كتاب عربي بإني أقرا 10 صفحات في اليوم.
(haḫallaṣ ʾerāyeẗ ketāb ʿarabī beʾennī ʾaʾrā 10 ṣafḥāt fī el-yūm.) "I'll finish reading one Arabic book by reading 10 pages a day."
Just try to find like your favorite book. So you can always have a motivation to finish it.
هكتب مذكراتي اليومية بالعربي لمدة أسبوع.
(hakteb mozakkerātī el-yawmeyyah belʿarabī lemoddeẗ ʾosbūʿ.) "I'll write my diary in Arabic for a week."
I usually don’t do this but one way you can practice learning Arabic every day by writing memos and notes like where you put it on the fridge or in front of you in the desk. If you write it in Arabic, that would be a very good practice.
هفهم فيلم عربي بالكامل بإني أتفرج عليه كل يوم.
(hafham fīlm ʿarabī belkāmel beʾennī ʾatfarrag ʿaleīh koll yūm.) "I'll fully understand one Arabic movie by watching it every day."
And this one actually works because I do it a lot myself. Like if you just watch one movie with subtitles and then you watch it again the next day without subtitles, you will manage to see what you caught like what you understood and what you did not understand and you will manage to catch some phrases and vocabulary. So when you watch it like the third or the fourth day with subtitles as well like when you go back to watching it with subtitles, you will find out what you actually managed to remember and what you haven’t and then you can – like you can actually learn a lot.
هتكلم عن نفسي لمدة 3 دقايق بالعربي مع أصحابي المصريين.
(hatkallem ʿan nafsī lemoddeẗ 3 daʾāyeʾ belʿarabī maʿ ʾaṣḥābī el-maṣreyīn.) "I'll give a 3-minute introductory speech in Arabic to my Egyptian friends."
Three minutes isn’t too long. For three minutes, what do you say in three minutes? Hello, my name is Peryhan. I am studying and I like this and my hobbies is that. Yeah, that sounds like three minutes.
هحفظ 5 أغاني عربي.
(haḥfaẓ 5 ʾaġānī ʿarabī.) "I'll memorize 5 Arabic songs."
And like guys, that’s like my advice. Like, hands down, this is the best thing. I actually do this as well like I love memorizing songs because it’s so easy like inside the song, there are so many vocabularies you don’t know and by memorizing one song like not only you are enjoying it like you are enjoying them and so on. You are also memorizing like tons of words without any effort. So like this is the best thing you can do is to memorize songs. So
احفظ أغاني عربي.
(eḥfaẓ ʾaġānī ʿarabī)
هحفظ 350 كلمة من الكروت التعليمية على موقع ArabicPod101.com.
(haḥfaẓ 350 kelmah men el-korūt el-taʿlīmeyyah ʿalā maūqeʿ ArabicPod101.com.) "I'll finish memorizing 350 words with Flashcards on ArabicPod101.com."
I don’t know. I like listening to music and memorizing songs more than flashcards but flashcards also are okay if you are into it.
هكتب 10 بطاقات بريدية بالعربي لأصدقائي المصريين.
(hakteb 10 beṭāʾāt barīdeyyah belʿarabī leʾaṣdeqāʾī el-maṣreyīn.) "I'll write 10 postcards in Arabic to my Egyptian friends."
I don’t know, like, 30 years ago like when my mom was like in high school, she used to receive lots of postcards from her friends but not now, I think. They will be quite happy to receive anything.
هتعلم ازاي أتكلم عن أحداث الماضي والحاضر والمستقبل.
(hatʿallem ezzāy ʾatkallem ʿan ʾaḥdās el-māḍī we el-ḥāḍer el-lmostaʾbal.) "I'll learn how to talk about past, present and future events."
That would be really nice to improve your storytelling skills and so on.
هتقن 150 كلمة بإني أحفظ 5 كلمات في اليوم.
(hatqen 150 kelmah beʾennī ʾaḥfaẓ 5 kelmāt fī el-yūm.) "I'll master 150 words by memorizing 5 words a day."
That could be easy if you watch one hour videos and then you can master five words a day regarding one theme or one topic about transportation, weather, clothes and so on.
The end. I hope you liked today’s lesson. Bye bye!