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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. My name is Peryhan and this is 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Arabic.
The first gift idea if you are a parent or if you are like super wealthy is,
(lāptop) "laptop"
Oh no, that’s not a gift idea. That’s too much. “Laptop.”
Seriously? Does someone like buy someone else like actually like a gift like laptop gift? This is like, I get like what do you call it like brunt for this like in the comments like what are you talking about. Laptop, are you serious? What do you call laptop in Arabic? Oh, like in Arabic, we simply call it Lap. But your Egyptian friends might call it just Lap. So you can either call it laptop or lap.
For example, you can say,
اللابتوب بتاعي باز.
(el-lāptop betāʿī bāz.)
"My laptop is broken."
So like it’s broken. Please buy me a new one kind of thing.
The next one is,
(perfyūm) which means "perfume"
For example, you can say,
البرفيوم ده ريحته تجنن.
(el-perfyūm dah reḥtoh tegannen.)
That means,
"This perfume smells amazing."
The next word is,
(ketāb) "book"
هجيبله كتاب هدية عيد ميلاده.
(hagebloh ketāb hedeyyeẗ ʿīd mīlādoh.)
Which means, "I'll buy him a book for his birthday."
Oh, okay.
The next word is,
(ʿagalah) which means "bike"
For example, you can say,
اشتريت عجلة جديدة.
(eštareīt ʿagalah gedīdah.)
Which means, "I bought a new bike."
Some Egyptians might call it
(beskelettah), it also means a bicycle or bike.
The next word is,
(kāmīrā) which means "camera"
Oh, I bought a camera. Of course. Like oh, I’ve just casually bought a camera for my friend’s birthday. Nothing much. Like, I cannot even buy a camera like for myself.
Maybe like, even, like the polaroid camera is so expensive but when you have to buy like a phone for it as well like. And it like requires maintenance because you have to like for each 10 pictures, you have to pay... It’s too much money.
For example, you can say,
نسيت الكاميرا في البيت.
(nesīt el-kāmīrā fī el-beīt.)
Which means,
"I forgot the camera at home."
And there are some like Egyptians who say like,
(kamara)...No, what do they say?
(kamara), that’s so funny.
Anyway, the next one is,
سمارت فون
(smārt fūn) "smartphone" which means phone.
Egyptians might also call it
(fone/telefon/mahmul). It’s all like corresponding to the same thing like smartphone.
For example, you can say, well, I am not married but you can say,
جبت لجوزي سمارت فون في عيد جوازنا.
(gebt legūzī smārt fūn fī ʿīd gawāznā.)
Well, it’s not me but "I bought my husband a smartphone for our wedding anniversary."
The next word is,
بلاي ستيشن
(plāy steīšan) "playstation"
For example, you can say,
عايز بلاي ستيشن.
(ʿāyez plāy steīšan.) for a male and
عايزة بلاي ستيشن.
(ʿāīzah bleīstīšan.) for a female which means,
"I want a PlayStation."
The next word is,
(qāmūs) "dictionary"
For example, you can say,
استعمل القاموس للكلمات الجديدة.
(estaʿmel el-qāmūs lelkalemāt el-gedīdah.)
Which means,
"Use the dictionary for the new words."
The next word is,
(tāblet) "tablet"
Oh, this is so real like this sentence is like, this is probably the only true thing like to buy the mom a tablet.
For example, you can say,
اشتريت لماما تابلت في عيد الأم.
(eštareīt lemāmā tāblet fī ʿīd el-ʾomm.)
"I bought my mom a tablet for Mother's Day."
Because usually, you know, like in Egypt, moms don’t use the computer. And they also cannot use the phone because like you know they are, like, so small and like it has been like fashion, not fashion, like, it’s a trend now to buy like the mom a tablet. Even my mom, we bought her a tablet. Like, this is so, yeah, this is like, on point.
بوكيه ورد
(būkeīh ward) which means, "a bunch of flowers"
For example, you can say,
بكام بوكيه الورد ده؟
(bekām būkeīh el-ward dah?)
"How much is this bunch of flowers?"
My favorite flower is the Carnation.
The end. I hope you liked today’s lesson. Why don’t you write us below what kind of gift you’d like to buy or receive? Thank you for watching. Why don’t you tell us in the comments below about your favorite gift that you’ve received so far? Bye-bye!