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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. I am Peryhan and this is 10 Must-know Autumn Vocabulary.
Let’s get started.
(swītar) "sweater"
And in English, it’s “sweater.” Wow! You can also say
جاكيت (jacket)
For example, you can say,
"السويتر الأحمر هيليق على لبسك.
( el-swītar el-ʾaḥmar haylīʾ ʿalā lebsak.)
"The red sweater matches your clothes."
You can say also
الجاكيت الأحمر هيليق على لبسك.
(el jacket el-ʾaḥmar hailīʾ ʿlā lebsak.)
Usually, we use jacket more than sweater.
(betmaṭṭar) "rainy"
For example, you can say,
"دلوقتي الدنيا بتمطر.
(delwaʾtī el-donyā betmaṭṭar.)
"It's raining now."
Or if you want to say it’s about to rain, you can say,
الدنيا شكلها هتمطر.
(eldunīā šaklahā hatmaṭṭar.)
(hawā) "windy"
(hawā) also means “air”
For example, you can say,
"انهاردة الجو هوا.
(ennahārdah el-gaww hawā.)
"Today it’s windy."
You can also say,
النهارده الدنيا هوا أوي.
(elnahārdah el-denīā hawā ʾawī.) “Today, it’s very windy.”
There is like a new song like - hawā hawā hawā hawā
She saw like the guy she has a crush on and she’s like, oh hawā hawā. It’s so funny.
(bard) "cold"
For example, you can say,
"امبارح الجو كان برد أوي.
(embāreḥ el-gaww kān bard ʾawī.)
"Yesterday the weather was so cold."
You can also say,
(sāʾeʿ), it also means “cold.”
And you can say,
إمبارح الجو كان ساقعة أوي.
(ʾembāreḥ el-ǧaw kān sāʾʿah ʾawī.)
Bard also means “cold” as in catching cold.
So for example, you can say,
الأسبوع إللي فات كله كان عندي برد.
(elʾesbūʿ ʾellī fāt koloh kān ʿandī bard.) “Last week, I had a cold.”
( el-ḫarīf) "autumn"
For example, you can say,
"الخريف بدأ.
(el-ḫarīf badaʾ)
"Autumn started."
(el-saḥāb) which means "clouds"
For example, you can say,
"السحاب كتير أوي.
(el-saḥāb ketīr ʾawī.)
"There are so many clouds."
Or, for example, you can say,
السحابة دي شكلها عامل زي الحصان.
(elsaḥābah dī šaklahā ʿāmel zaī el-ḥuṣān.)
“This cloud looks like a horse,” and so on, for example.
قميص بكم
(ʾamīṣ bekomm) "long-sleeved shirt"
For example, you can say,
"الراجل اللي لابس قميص بكم هو صاحب المحل.
(el-rāgel ellī lābes ʾamīṣ bekomm howwa ṣāḥeb el-maḥall.)
"The man in a long-sleeved shirt is the owner of the shop."
Or, for example, you can say,
النهارده الدنيا حر, فهشمر كم القميص.
(elnahārdah el-dunīā ḥar, fahašammar kum el-ʾamīṣ.)
which means, “today, the weather is so hot, so I am going to roll up my sleeves.”
ورق الشجر
(waraʾ el-šagar) "leaves"
(waraʾ el-šagar) means “tree leaves” So wara means leaves and el-šagar means trees. So “tree leaves.”
For example, you can say,
"الجنينة مليانة ورق شجر.
(el-geneīnah malyānah waraʾ šagar.)
"The garden is full of leaves."
ألوان ورق الخريف جميلة جداً.
(ʾalwān waraʾ el-ḫarīf ǧamīlah ǧeddan.)
“The colors of the autumn leaves are so beautiful.”
The next one is,
عيد الشكر
(ʿīd el-šokr) "Thanksgiving"
For example, you can say,
"انهاردة بيحتفلوا بعيد الشكر في أمريكا.
(ennahārdah beyeḥteflū beʿīd el-šokr fī ʾamrīkā.)
"They are celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA today."
(meġayyemah) "cloudy"
For example, you can say,
"الدنيا كانت مغيمة أوي الصبح.
( el-donyā kānet meġayyemah ʾawī el-ṣobḥ.)
"It was very cloudy in the morning."
You can say,
الدنيا مغيمة أوي دلوقتي, شكلها هتمطر.
(eldunīā mġayyemah ʾawī delwaʾtī, šaklahā hatmaṭṭar.)
“Today it looks very cloudy, I think it’s about to rain.”
That’s it for today. I hope you liked the lesson. Bye-bye!

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