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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. My name is Peryhan and today, we will do the Arabic Top Words. Today’s topic is about 10 Things to Do in the Summer in Egypt. And in Egypt, summer is quite long. So you are going to have plenty of stuff to do. So let’s get started.
الغطس في شرم الشيخ.
(elġaṭs fī šarm el-šeīḫ.) "diving in Sharm el Sheikh"
“To go diving in Sharm or Sharm el Sheikh.”
So for example, you can say,
الغطس في شرم الشيخ حاجة أساسية لما بتروح مصر
(elġaṭs fī šarm el-šeīḫ ḥāǧah aʾsāseyyah lammā betrūḥ maṣr.)
“Diving in Sharm El Sheikh is an essential thing whenever you go to Egypt.”
The water is very clear and you can see all the coral reefs and beautiful fishes. So definitely you should do that whenever you go to Egypt.
الاسترخاء على الشط
(el-esterḫāʾ ʿalā el-šaṭṭ) "to relax at the beach"
And actually, in Egyptian Arabic, you can just say the word “relax.”
For example, you can say,
لما بروح الغردقة, بحب أسترخي على الشط.
(lamā barūḥ el-ġardaʾah, baḥeb ʾastarḫī ʿalā el-šaṭ.)
"When I go to Hurghada, I like to relax on the beach."
تتعلم الطبيخ المصري
(tetʿallem el-ṭabīḫ el-maṣrī) "to learn to cook Egyptian food"
For example, you can say,
لما أروح مصر هتعلم الطبيخ المصري.
(lammā ʾarūḥ maṣr hatʿallem el-ṭabīḫ el-maṣrī.)
"When I go to Egypt, I'll learn to cook Egyptian food."
تعمل حفلة شوي
(teʿmel ḥafleẗ šawy) "to have a barbeque"
النهاردة بالليل, هنعمل حفلة شوي في الفراندة.
(elnahārdah bellīl, haneʿmel ḥaflet šawī fī el-varāndah.)
"Tonight, we are going to have a barbeque in our veranda."
تحتفل طول الليل.
(teḥtefel ṭūl el-līl.) "to party all night"
So for example, you can say,
بكرة عيد ميلادي فهحتفل طول الليل.
(bokrah ʿīd mīlādī fahaḥtefel ṭūl el-līl.)
"Tomorrow is my birthday so I’m going to party all night."
تاخد تان
(tāḫod tān) "to get a tan"
So for example, you can say,
هَروح آخد تان
(harūḥ ʾāḫud tān.) "I'll go get a tan."
And fun fact for today - In Egypt, if you walk in the streets in the summer, you don’t have to go anywhere to the beach or anything but if you just walk, you will get tanned immediately because the sun is too strong. Yeah, be careful of that, of your feet and your hands. They will probably get tanned really quickly. So..
تتمشى في الصحرا
(tetmaššā fī el-ṣaḥarā) "to go camping in the desert"
And actually, you can also in Arabic use the word camping. I will go camping.
For example, you can say,
يلا نروح نخيم في الصحرا.
(yallā nrūḥ nḫayyem fī el-ṣaḥarā.)
"Let’s go camping in the desert."
Especially in the summer because it’s quite cool. It’s pitch black. So you can see all the star constellations and it’s amazing. I truly recommend you doing that.
تقضي وقت ممتع مع صحابك.
(teʾḍī waʾt momteʿ maʿ ṣḥābak) "to have fun with friends"
So for example, you can say,
أنا بقضي وقت ممتع مع صحابي.
(ʾanā baʾḍī waʾt mumteʿ maʿ ṣḥābī.)
"I have so much fun with my friends."
تحضر معسكر صيفي
(teḥḍar moʿaskar ṣeīfī) "to attend a summer camp"
So for example, you can say,
الصيف الجاي, هحضر معسكر صيفي.
(elṣeīf el-ǧāī, heḥḍer muʿaskar ṣaīfī.)
"In the next summer, I'll attend a summer camp."
Summer camp in Arabic is
معسكر صيفي
(muʿaskar ṣaīfī.) However, in the desert, when you say I will go camping, you say…
Does it make sense? Please tell us in the comments.
(pārāseīlīng) "parasailing"
Which is “parasailing” in English. So easy.
So for example, you can say,
في شرم الشيخ, بحب أعمل باراسيلينج.
(fī šarm el-šeīḫ, baḥeb ʾaʿmel bārāsīlīnǧ.)
“In Sharm, I like to go parasailing.”
So that’s it for today. Please tell us how would you like to spend your summer in your country or in Egypt if you ever came using these words you just learned and please tell us what you want to do or how do you spend your summer in the comments below. Bye-bye!