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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. My name is Peryhan and this is Arabic top words. Today’s topic is going to be about Top 10 Ways to Prepare Your Travel.
The first sentence to prepare for your travel is,
تحديد مكان السفر
(taḥdīd makān el-safar) to choose your destination.
أول خطوة هي تحديد مكان السفر.
(ʾawwel ḫaṭwah heyya taḥdīd makān el-safar.)
which means,
“The first step is to choose your destination.”
تشتري كتيب معلومات عن البلد
(tešterī kotayyeb maʿlūmāt ʿan el-balad) to buy a guidebook
This is something I usually do. So you would learn or memorize the phrases you would need the most as soon as you get out of the airport in that new country.
So for example, you can say,
هنحتاج نشتري كتيب معلومات عن البلد.
(haneḥtāg nešterī koatayyeb maʿlūmāt ʿan el-balad)
“We would need to buy a guidebook for the country.”
(teḥawweš) to save money
So for example, you can say,
محتاجين نحوش عشان السفر.
(meḥtāgīn neḥawweš ʿašān el-safar.)
“We need to save money for the travel.”
So I made my own like a separate bank account where I can just put the money I want to save up from my worker from like a side work or something just to travel with it.
تحجز تذاكر طيران
(teḥgez tazāker ṭayarān) to book a flight
For example, you can say,
عايزين نحجز تذاكر طيران.
(ʿāyzīn neḥgez tazāker ṭayarān.)
“We need to book a flight.”
Basically, تذاكر (tazāker) means tickets.
So if you want to say, “I want to book some tickets for the concert” you would say,
مِحتاجين نحجز تذاكر الحفلة.
(meḥtagin neḥgez tazāker el-ḥafla.)
تذاكر طيران
(tazāker ṭayarān) is a flight or a ticket flight.
And تذاكر الحفلة (tazāker el-ḥafla) is tickets for the concert.
حجز مكان الإقامة
(ḥagz makān el-ʾeqāmah) to book accommodations
For example, you can say,
خلاص حجزت مكان الإقامة.
(ḫalāṣ ḥagazt makān el-ʾeqāmah.)
“I have already booked the accommodations.”
For example,
you can also say,
مكان الإقامة بتاعي هيبقى في فندق.
(makān el-ʾeʾāmah btāʿī hayebʾā fī fondoʾ.)
“My accommodation is going to be in the hotel.”
Or you can say,
مكان الإقامة بتاعي عند صديقي.
(makān el-ʾeʾāmah btāʿī ʿand ṣadīʾī.)
“My accommodation place is going to be with my friend.”
تطلع رخصة سواقة دولية
(teṭallaʿ roḫṣet sewāʾah dawleyyah) to obtain an international driving license
And maybe you are a driver and you would like to drive around the city you are going to. So maybe you should learn this sentence.
تطلع رخصة سواقة دولية
(teṭallaʿ roḫṣet sewāʾah dawleyyah)
“To obtain an international driving license.”
For example, you can say,
عايز أطلع رخصة سواقة دولية.
(ʿāyez ʾaṭallaʿ roḫṣeẗ sewāʾah dawleyyah.)
“I want to obtain an international driving license.”
تجديد الباسبور
(tagdīd el-pāspūr) to renew your passport
محتاج أجدد الباسبور.
(meḥtāg ʾagadded el-pāspūr.)
“I need to renew my passport.”
I made it in 2014 and I need to renew it in 2021.
تحضير الشنط
(taḥḍīr el-šonaṭ) to pack up
For example,
حضرت الشنط.
(ḥaḍḍart el-šonaṭ.)
“I have packed up.”
If your bags are overweight, you can say,
شنطي فيها وزن زيادة فمحتاج أحضر الشنط تاني.
(šonaṭī fīhā wazn zyādah fameḥtāg ʾaḥaḍḍar el-šonaṭ tānī.)
“My bags are overweight. Therefore, I have to repack my bags.”
تدفع تأمين السفر
(tedfaʿ taʾmīn el-safar) to buy travel insurance
For example,
دفعت تأمين السفر.
(dafaʿt taʾmīn el-safar.)
“I have bought travel insurance.”
The last one is,
تطلع تأشيرة
(teṭallaʿ taʾšīrah) to get a visa
For example,
طلعت التأشيرة.
(ṭallaʿt el-taʾšīrah.)
“I have got a visa.”
That’s it everyone. I hope you enjoyed our video. Bye bye.