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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. I am Peryhan and this is Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Egypt. Let’s get started.
أبو سمبل
(ʾabū sembel) “Abu Simbel”
For example, you can say,
رحت أبو سمبل قبل كدة؟
(roḥt ʾabū sembel ʾabl kedah?)
which means, “Have you been to Abu Simbel before?”
Abu Simbel is such a huge temple and actually, fun fact, Abu Simbel temple was actually going to drown when Egypt decided to build the Aswan Dam in Egypt.
In order to prevent such thing, Egypt had to move the whole temple from its place to another place.
So if you ever go to Abu Simbel again, it’s actually not its original place. It has been relocated.
أهرامات الجيزة
(ʾahrāmāt el-gīzah) “Giza Pyramids”
For example, you can say,
اتصورت جنب أهرامات الجيزة.
(etṣawwart ganb ʾahrāmāt el-gīzah.)
“I took a picture next to the pyramids of Giza.”
And I have never taken a picture next to the pyramids of Giza because I have never been there.
Actually, I live like half an hour away from it. I can see it from everywhere, so I have never felt the need to go and, like, see it from up close but I will one day like I have to.
المتحف المصري
(el-matḥaf el-maṣrī) “Egyptian Museum”
The next one is like I’ve spent lots of time there.
المتحف المصري
(el-matḥaf el-maṣrī)
“The Egyptian Museum”
المتحف المصري في ميدان التحرير.
(el-matḥaf el-maṣrī fī mīdān el-taḥrīr.)
“The Egyptian Museum is located in Tahrir Square.”
جامع محمد علي
(gāmeʿ maḥammad ʿalī) “Muhammad Ali’s Mosque”
And it’s one of the most beautiful mosques in the whole world.
جامع محمد علي في قلعة صلاح الدين.
(gāmeʿ maḥammad ʿalī fī ʾalʿeẗ ṣalāḥ el-dīn.
“Muhammad Ali’s Mosque is located in Saladin Citadel.”
In front of it, there is a huge park called “Al-Azhar Park.”
It’s also built on the Islamic theme and from the park, you can see both the Citadel and the mosque and it’s utterly beautiful especially at night.
سوق خان الخليلي
(sūʾ ḫān el-ḫalīlī) “Khan El Khalili Market.”
Oh, I bought this from Khan El Khalili, this.
سوق خان الخليلي
(sūʾ ḫān el-ḫalīlī)
“Khan El Khalili Market”
For example, you can say,
هشتري هدايا تذكارية من سوق خان الخليلي.
(hašterī hadāyā tezkāreyyah men sūʾ ḫān el-ḫalīlī.)
“I’ll buy souvenirs from Khan El Khalili Market.”
And in Khan El Khalili, you can buy oriental souvenirs as well as statues and T-shirts and so on or you can buy like really beautiful, what you call like jewelry.
You can really buy beautiful jewelry for very – it’s not so expensive.
معبد الأُقصر
(maʿbad loʾṣor) “Luxor Temple”
For example,
لما كنت في الأقصر، زرت معبد الأقصر.
(lammā kont fī loʾṣor, zort maʿbad loʾṣor.)
“When I was in Luxor, I visited the Luxor Temple.”
I’ve never been there but they say it’s beautiful.
معبد الكرنك
(maʿbad el-karnak) “Karnak Temple”
For example,
جدتي مسلية جدا.
(geddetī mosalleyyah geddan.)
“Today, we will visit the Karnak Temple.”
مكتبة اسكندرية
(maktabeẗ eskendereyyah) “Bibliotheca Alexandria”
For example, you can say,
مكتبة اسكندرية رائعة.
(maktabeẗ eskendereyyah rāʾeʿah.)
“Bibliotheca Alexandria is amazing.”
واحة سيوة
(wāḥeẗ sīwah) “Siwa Oasis”
For example,
واحة سيوة فيها أنقى مياه جوفية.
(wāḥeẗ sīwah fīhā ʾanqā meyāh gawfeyyah.)
“Siwa Oasis has the purest underground water.”
(el-ġardaʾah) “Hurghada”
Oh I’ve been there,
الغردقة جوها حلو أوي في الشتا.
(el-ġardaʾah gawwahā ḥelw ʾawī fī el-šetā.)
“Hurghada’s weather is amazing in the winter.”
It’s really warm like in February or something, you can still go swimming and like it’s really good.
It’s the end, I hope you like today’s video. Why don’t you tell us in the comments below about the place you would want to go to the most in Egypt. Bye-bye.