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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Peryhan and this is Top 10 Phrases Your Parents Always Say. Let’s get started. Okay, actually I think it’s all from the mom’s perspective because usually like the Arab mom or the Egyptian mom is the one like who is always like so giving over this but like the dad is like, it’s ok, he is going to be fine. Like they are going to be okay. No ways. So the mom. Okay.
خلي بالك.
(ḫallī bālak.) “Be careful”
For example,
she can say or like your parents can say,
خلي بالك لا تقع.
(ḫallī bālak lā toʾaʿ.)
“Be careful or else you will fall.”
(ehdā.) “Be quiet”
Or sometimes, they would say,
خليك هادي.
(ḫallīk hādī.)
“Be quiet.”
اعمل الواجب بتاعك.
(eʿmel el-wāgeb betāʿak.) “Do your homework.”
And sometimes they would say like to make you hurry
يلا اعمل الواجب بتاعك.
(yallā eʿmel el-wāǧeb betāʿak.)
“Come on! Do your homework.”
روح نام.
(rūḥ nām.) “Go to bed”
When they urge you to do it, so they would say,
يلا روح نام.
(yallā rūḥ nām.)
which means,
“Come on, go to bed”
لا ادخل السرير.
(yallā edḫol el-srīr.)
“Come on, go to bed” like “Go to sleep.”
(bass.) “Stop”
And sometimes they would say,
Which means,
So sometimes, the parents would shout at their children,
بس خلاص
(bas ḫalāṣ)
“Stop. It’s enough.”
Or like,
“Stop it.”
هو انت قلت إيه؟
(howwa enta ʾolt ʾeīh?) “What did you say?”
This one is so funny. This one is like when the child says something under their breath and like, the mom is like
هو انت قلت إيه؟
(howwa enta ʾolt ʾeīh?)
Like, “what did you just say?”
And sometimes,
قول تاني كده.
(ʾūl tānī kedah.)
“Say this one more time”
Like say it. “I dare you say it one more time.”
And then maybe she would say,
أنا مش بهزّر.
(ʾanā meš bahazzar.) “I'm not kidding”
And sometimes they say,
أنا مش بهزرعلى فكرة.
(ʾanā meš bahazzarʿalā fekrah.)
“By the way, I am not kidding.”
اطفي التلفزيون دلوقتي.
(eṭfī el-telefezyūn delwaʾtī.) “Turn the TV off now.”
And sometimes they would say,
اطفي البلايستيشن دلوقتي.
(eṭfī el-blāīstīšan delwaʾtī.)
“Turn off the Playstation right now.”
هو أنا لسة قايلة إيه؟
(howwa ʾanā lessah ʾāylah ʾeīh?) “What did I just say?”
Oh, this one is also important.
When they say,
هو أنا لسة قايلة إيه؟
(howwa ʾanā lessah ʾāylah ʾeīh?)
“What did I just say?”
And sometimes they say,
أنا قلت إيه دلوقتي؟
(ʾanā ʾolt ʾeīh delwaʾtī?)
“What did I just say?”
It’s like when the child is not behaving.
غسلت أسنانك؟
(ġasalt ʾasnānak?) “Did you brush your teeth?”
Ah, this one is nice.
غسلت أسنانك؟
(ġasalt ʾasnānak?)
“Did you brush your teeth?”
Sometimes you might ask,
غسلت وشك؟
(ġasalt weššak?)
“Did you wash your face?”
غسلت إيدك؟
(ġasalt ʾīdak?) “Did you wash your hands?” And so on.
And that’s it, everyone. I hope you like the video. Bye bye.