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Lesson Transcript

Sad words, okay, let’s put some water. Okay! Hi, everyone! I’m Peryhan and this is Arabic Top Words. Today’s top words are going to be about top 10 saddest words. Okay, let’s get started.
For example -
أنا متضايق جداً.
(ʾanā metḍāyeʾ geddan.)
No, I cannot say it with a smiling face.
أنا متضايق جداً.
(ʾanā metḍāyeʾ geddan.)
"I'm very upset."
طهقان زهقان متضايق
(ṭahʾān zahʾān metḍāyeʾ)
That’s a song. It says -
طهقان زهقان متضايق
(ṭahʾān zahʾān metḍāyeʾ)
means “I’m through.”;
means “I’m bored.”;
means “I’m upset.”.
"to hurt"
خلي بالك، هتتعور.
(ḫallī bālak, hatetʿawwar.)
"Watch out, you'll get hurt."
For example -
الإسبوع إللي فات وقعت من على العجلة و إتعورت.
(ālʾesbūʿ ʾellī fāt weʾeʿt men ʿalā el-ʿaǧalah wa ʾetʿawwart.)
“Last week I fell off my bike and I got hurt.”
For example -
حاسس إن أنا وحيد.
(ḥāses ʾenn ʾanā waḥīd.)
"I feel so lonely."
هو زعلان عشان أخوه عيان.
(howwa zaʿlān ʿašān ʾaḫūh ʿayyān.)
"He's sad because his brother is sick."
كنت زعلانة أوي لإني قطعت البنطلون لما وقعت.
(kont zaʿlānah ʾawī lʾennī ʾaṭaʿt el-banṭalūn lammā weʾeʿt.)
“I was very sad because I ripped my jeans when I fell off my bike.”
For example, you can use this popular Egyptian phrase -
ماتزعلش، كله هيبقى تمام.
(mātezʿalš, kolloh hayebʾā tamām.)
“Don’t be sad. Everything is going to be OK.
"to cry"
I was about to cry.
بتعيط ليه؟
(betʿayyaṭ leīh?)
"Why are you crying?"
Because I ripped my jeans.
مش متحمس
(meš motaḥammes)
Okay, oh! I like this one -
مش متحمس
(meš motaḥammes)
مش متحمس
(meš motaḥammes),
your Egyptian friends might use it with you sometimes if you invite them over to do something or go somewhere and if they answer
مش متحمس
(meš motaḥammes)
مش متحمس
(meš motaḥammesa)
for a girl, they might suddenly want to tell you that they don’t want to do it or they don’t want to go, but they’ll just tell you, I’m so discouraged, I’m a little discouraged about it. That means they probably don’t want to do it so take the hint.
For example -
مش متحمس و مش هشترك في المسابقة السنة دي.
(meš motaḥammes we meš hašterek fī el-mosābʾah el-sanah dī.)
"I'm discouraged and I won't be joining the competition this year."
It’s not like you don’t have faith in your abilities or something. It means that you don’t really want to do it. You don’t like it or you’re not interested in it.
For example, you can say -
حاسس إني محبط بسبب تصرفاتك.
(ḥāses ʾennī moḥbaṭ besabab taṣarrofātak.)
"Your acts disappoint me."
Usually, you would hear it from a parent, I am so disappointed by your actions.
حاسس إني محبط بسبب تصرفاتك.
(ḥāses ʾennī moḥbaṭ besabab taṣarrofātak.)
"in pain"
For example -
أنا موجوع أوي من ساعة ما خلعت سنتي.
(ʾanā mawǧūʿ ʾawī men sāʿeẗ mā ḫalaʿt senentī.)
"I'm in so much pain since I got my tooth extracted."
Or maybe you can say -
أنا موجوعة قوي من ساعة ما وقعت من على العجلة.
(ʾanā mawǧūʿah ʾaweī men sāʿet mā weʾeʿt men ʿalā el-ʿaǧalah. )
“I’m in so much pain ever since I fell off my bike.”
It means “negative”.
For example -
ماتبقاش سلبي.
(māteb’ āš salbī.)
“Don’t be negative!”
Be positive. Be positive. Actually, I’m being negative.
"a failure"
هو طالب فاشل.
(howwa ṭāleb fāšel.)
"He's a failure." He failed as a student, he failed as a son and he’s failing as a husband as well.
That’s it for today, thanks God. Tell us about your favorite sad words or the sad words you use the most in the comments below. Tell us if we miss any sad words in the comment below. Bye-bye!