Culture Class
These Moroccan culture lessons were recorded on-site in beautiful Casablanca.
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Culture Class

This is a 4-lesson mini-series fully dedicated to Morocco and Moroccan culture. Recorded on site in the amazing city of Casablanca, you'll learn all about the customs, traditions and rich culture of Morocco. Join us as we take you on a fun Moroccan journey in this Culture Class series. This series is recorded in Moroccan Arabic.

Title Summary Vocabulary
1 Casablanca – Where East meets West Facts about the location, history, and unique culture in Casablanca. This city has over 3 million people and has apparent French, Spanish, and Portuguese influence. الدار البيضاء
2 Argan Oil - A treasure from the south Argan trees are mostly grown in the South West part of Morocco. The production of this oil, which comes from a nut inside the argan fruit, is a
demanding and laborious process which is still almost completely realized by hand. This oil has many health and cosmetic uses.
3 Ramadan Ramadan is a special month during which Muslims fast from food and water from sunrise to sunset. During this time, many businesses and schools operate on a special schedule. The daily sunset meal to break fast is called "al-'ifTaar." This meal often includes "Harira," which is a special Moroccan soup. The end of Ramadan is celebrated with a holiday called "3id al-fiTr." رﻣﻀﺎن
ﻋﻴﺪ اﻟﻔﻄﺮ
4 The Brides Festival The festival of Imilchil, more commonly known as the Brides Festival, is a tradition in a small town in the atlas mountains in which couples from neighboring tribes and villiages can marry. International and Moroccan visitors flock to Imilchil for these festivities every September. The tradition is based on a legendary tale of love between two young people from warring berber tribes, similar to the story of Romeo and Juilet.