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Ask about Arabic...

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Ask about Arabic...

Postby Masreya » July 31st, 2009 4:00 pm

Hello Everyone ( assalamu alikom ) :D
So, here is the thine ..
You can ask anything about Arabic ( Standard-Egyptian ), and I will be here to answer it, and more important, make sure its both easy and fun for you !
Any Q`s ;)

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Postby Colton3131753 » July 28th, 2010 9:13 am

hi :)
I have a question, ive been trying to figure out now for a few days'.
What is the difference been Proper Arabic and Slang arabic??
MY girlfriend is from iraq, and she speaks arabic, and im a canadian simply trying to learn her language, so i can show her parents and her respect by doing so'
Also im very eager to learn a new language anyways, and Arabic seems like alot of fun and very challanging'.

I've noticed my girlfriend is having a hard time figuring out some of the words im saying to her and i was wondering if there really was such a big difference in Slang arabic' and Proper arabic' and if me learning PRoper Arabic is such a good idea?

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Postby Masreya » July 28th, 2010 5:37 pm

Hi Colton,

First, there isnt really such a thing as Proper Arabic, or slang Arabicq, its Standard Arabic and dialects ;)
Standard Arabic is like the mother language for all Arabic dialects, we all know it, we all read and write it, but its not the communication language we use, its what you hear on the news on TV, or read in most newspapers.

As for the dialects, each country has its own dialects, but generally speaking, we could have 4 categories:
1-Shamy , spoken in ( Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan ).
2-Maghreby, spoken in ( Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia ).
3- Khaligy, spoken in all the gulf countries ( including Iraq, with small differences ).
4- Egyptian, of course spoken in Egypt only.

Egyptian is the most common and widely understood dialect of all of then, due to the media effect, and the mass number of Egyptians living every where. I'm sure your gf's parents will be able to understand- speak to a good level.

Standard Arabic will be understood as well, but it will sound strange, since its not the daily language used, but also a good choice, they will see your effort and appreciate it for sure ( since Standard is not easy to study at start ).

Learning Iraqy dialect would be ideal of course, but there are many resources for that I'm afraid.

I hope this helps !


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