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new lessons ?

Posted: November 2nd, 2008 10:20 am
by lothark
what is happening? No new lessons, just survival phrases?

New lessons?

Posted: November 4th, 2008 1:30 am
by anitagomez
I wrote to ArabicPod101 at the end of September asking them why there are no new lessons as the survival phrases with Moroccan Arabic are not of interest to me and I suggested that they should give an explanation to their subscribers. I got this reply on Sept 26:

Sorry about the delay, we're working on a solution to the problem. Thanks for your patience.

Nothing happened since then.
I am really disappointed about the behaviour of the AP101 team. I wonder whether the old team still exists.
I can only suggest to write and ask them what happened/will happen.


Posted: November 16th, 2008 11:46 am
by lothark
My guess is that there currently is no team for Arabic. We can expect survival phrase lessons until lesson40... I started with . Peter as the host really took and takes care of it. I guess his expansion plans for other languages were a little bit too ambitious.
This arabic101 site started off really promising. It is a shame...

Posted: November 17th, 2008 10:28 am
by Keith
Hi lothark,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You're guess is correct. Currently, we're looking for a new team. Working remotely was difficult to communicate. So right now we will be putting everything on pause. We thank you for your enthusiasm. And please keep AP101 on your RSS reader, as we do have plans to continue! :D

Posted: November 17th, 2008 10:16 pm
by lothark
Hi Keith,

thank you for clarifying. I think at one point you should consider extending the prescription period for members who paid. It would be fair.
Besides that I wish you all the best in finding a new team!


Posted: December 21st, 2008 8:35 am
by doa_Leon

I am very motivated to learn Arabic. Japanese 101 and Korean 101 helped me a lot.
Hope that Arabic 101 will continue soon.

Are you Keith from KoreanClass
I love your lessons!!!

Posted: December 22nd, 2008 10:57 am
by Keith
Hi doa_Leon :)

Yes, we are looking to continue very soon :) And yes! I am from Thanks! Hope you continue to listen to our newest lessons.

Posted: December 30th, 2008 8:22 am
by ssomers
Hi, Keith --

Nice of you to step in -- but your company been cashing my subscription fees every month, whilst offering no new lessons since October. That's a bit shady, isn't it?

Posted: January 5th, 2009 5:08 pm
by Keith
Hi Ssomers. I've replied to your concerns here:

Posted: January 6th, 2009 9:54 am
by ssomers
Thank you, Keith -- I have written this address and hope that, soon enough, someone will be attentive enough to respond.

Re: new lessons ?

Posted: December 28th, 2012 3:26 pm
by lordkevin89726
Thanks for the nice post and happy new year to all...