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Please help me translate an introduction, difficult words for me.

Posted: August 7th, 2018 3:10 am
by bartrutgers93_46051

I'm a 24 year old Dutch citizen leaving Europe. I can't remain here with all the corruption going on affecting so many people. I have decided to immigrate to Africa, which country, i don't know yet. I have interest in Ivory Coast and settle to help Cacao farmers. I also have interest in South-Africa, somewhere close to Johannesburg, to meet the Lion Whisperer's awesome lions and hyena's. I will learn basic Arabic and French on my journey to Southern Spain. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could translate this explanation to Arabic, because it contains difficult words for me:

'I am immigrating to Africa because of the corruption in Europe. It only brings pain to this continent and i cannot stay in Europe for this reason. I am seeking Asylum in a country in Africa.'

Many thanks,