2. Where are you from?

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Posting in Arabic? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.

avatar ArabicPod101.com

Head over to the forum and send your language partners some private messages in Arabic. Ask them where they are from, and don’t forget to check your own box for messages! Look up your locale on wikipedia and see if the page has an العربية (al-[sup]c[/sup]arabiya) link in the language menu to find the name of your own country. Then stop by and leave us a post. [rtl]من أين أنت؟[/rtl]

avatar ArabicPod101.com

Hi Maurella,

It’s because it is a beginner series. There is a limit to what can easily be explained in Arabic :(

Good luck!
Team ArabicPod101.com

avatar Maurella Rota

too much english

avatar ArabicPod101.com

Hi Zainy,

If you take a look at the lesson introduction you will figure out which dialect the series is in. Every series addresses 1 dialect, so just check the introduction of the first lesson of the series.

Thank you for your kind words and good luck!
Team ArabicPod101.com

avatar zainy

:smile: This is the best Arabic learning app and website, helped me a lot. Only on lesson 2 though so far. Inshallah will build up. How can I access the different dialects from on the website?

avatar ArabicPod101.com


Thank you for posting.
Please check the Ultimate Arabic Pronunciation Guide: https://www.arabicpod101.com/index.php?cat=61

Team ArabicPod101.com


I like this app. So easy to learn, but pronounciation is little bit hard.

avatar ArabicPod101.com

Hi Izhar,

Thank you for your question. Unfortuantely, we don’t have a series teaching Algerian Arabic at our site. But I bleieve you’ll be able to learn most of the basic about Arabic with our series.
Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Team ArabicPod101.com

avatar Izhar

How can i learn Algerian Speaking Dialect ?
Thanks for providing information and its very much useful !!

avatar ArabicPod101.com

Hi Abbas Khadeer,

Thank you for posting!
We appreciate your positive feedback :smile:
Let us know if you have questions.

Kind regards,
Team ArabicPod101.com

avatar Abbas Khadeer

Masha Allah, the class is interesting…..my regards to ArabicPod with all my salutation