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Arabic Word of the Day - five (noun)

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خمسة (ḫamsah) five (noun)

نجمة البحر لها خمسة أرجل
naǧmaẗu al-baḥri lahā ḫamsaẗu ʾarǧul
The starfish has five legs.

لقد أكلت خمس كعكات
laqad ʾakaltu ḫams kaʿkāt
I ate five doughnuts.

خمسة درجات
ḫamsah daraǧāt
five degrees

رقم خمسة
raqmu ḫamsah
number five

خمس تفاحات
ḫams tuffaāḥāt
five apples

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