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Arabic Word of the Day - thirsty (adjective)

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عطشان (ʿaṭšān) thirsty (adjective)

الكلب العطشان يشرب من البركة
al-kalb al-ʿaṭšān yašrabu min al-birkah
The thirsty dog is drinking from the pool.

المرأة العطشانة تشرب ماء.
al-marʾaẗu al-ʿaṭšānaẗu tašrabu māʾ
The thirsty woman is drinking water.

الرجل عطشان.
ar-raǧulu ʿaṭšān
The man is thirsty.

عطشان و يحتاج لماء
ʿaṭšān wa yaḥtāǧu li-māʾ
thirsty for water

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