2. Where are you from?

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Head over to the forum and send your language partners some private messages in Arabic. Ask them where they are from, and don’t forget to check your own box for messages! Look up your locale on wikipedia and see if the page has an العربية (al-[sup]c[/sup]arabiya) link in the language menu to find the name of your own country. Then stop by and leave us a post. [rtl]من أين أنت؟[/rtl]

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Hi Abbas Khadeer,

Thank you for posting!
We appreciate your positive feedback :smile:
Let us know if you have questions.

Kind regards,
Team ArabicPod101.com

avatar Abbas Khadeer

Masha Allah, the class is interesting…..my regards to ArabicPod with all my salutation

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Hi Kalima,

Glad you like our lessons

avatar kamila

at the end i got something useful for me. i have been spending my time just bored when am off from work. thanks :heart:

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Hello Soner,

Please, let us know if you have any other questions! :smile:

Team Team ArabicPod101.com

avatar Soner

That was helpful. Thank you!

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Hi Hysam Harees,

Thank you for posting!
We appreciate your positive feedback :heart: :thumbsup:
Let us know if you have questions.

Team ArabicPod101.com

avatar Hysam Harees

Hi ! ! I’m 11 years old. This really helps me in studying..Keep Up The Good Work! :heart: :thumbsup: :sunglasses:

-Hysam Harees

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Hi Raul,

Oh, great question! I’m glad you came to us for the answer :D

The harakat are obtained by pressing shift + certain letter on the keyboard. This is a full list of them:

fatha : hold the shift key and and press the Q key.
fatha with tanween : hold down the shift key and press the W key.
kasra : hold down the shift key and press the A key.
kasra with tanween : hold the shift key down and press the S key.
damma : hold the shift key and and press the E key.
damma with tanween : hold shift and press the R key.
sokoon : hold shift and press the X key.
shadda : hold shift and press the key right under Esc.

Try it now :D It takes some getting used to, but practice makes perfect!

Team ArabicPod101.com

avatar raul

Hi team:
I have a little problem. I was filling the written part of the Review (where I have to write in Arabic). So I changed my keyboard to arab and started answering. I knew all the answers but I couln´t find where to strike to write the “harakats” or “movements” to differenciate “You” (masculine) and “You” (femenine). That´s why I obtained the 80% of the Right Answers. If you have a tip for that (the question is: Where do I type the “harakats”?), please let me know, because it might be a problem along these lessons. And the further the lessons the bigger the problem, because I assume that the “harakats” are going to become even more and more important. Any way I did´t want to loose time and delivered my result like that, to go on to the next 3rd. lesson of these very fine classes.
Again, as I said in my first class´s comment this is a wonderful way to learn.

Thanks a lot,